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Changing your Settings & Reorganizing the Home Screen

Changing the Settings

Once you have logged into AgreeStat360 for the first time, you will have the opportunity to modify several parameters associated with your account as shown in the picture below. 

  • The e-mail address you used to register AgreeStat360 cannot be modified
  • Your first and last names can be modified here.
  • The e-mail address on record is displayed here and can be modified
  • When you receive a paid license key, here is where you will update it.
  • Your country code and phone number could be updated here as well.

You could play this video to see how to access these parameters.

agreestat360 - settings

Here is the video that shows you the steps for modifying your initial settings:

Reorganizing the Home Screen

After you have become familiar with AgreeStat/360 and its menu system, you may want its home screen to become less cluttered by temporarily hidding all example sheets, their associated menus as well as other non-essentiall menu items.  After all that is done, your new home screen must look like what is seen in the picture below, with only one red right arrow on the top left corner, and one red left arrow on the top right corner.

Play this short video to see how to clear your home screen.

agreestat360 home screen

Here is the short video that shows you how how to clean AgreeStat360 home screen as shown in the picture above.

  • Note that once you click on "Hide Examples," all example sheets will disappear, and you will see the "Show Example" button appear.  Before you click on this button, make sure to first press the Shift key of your computer keyboard.

  • As for the menu buttons on the top left side of the screen, they will all disappear after you first press the Shift key on your keyboard before clicking on any of the buttons.