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On this website, you will find Dr Gwet's online repository of Inter-rater reliability materials. You will be able to obtain the following:

AgreeStat360/Excel Windows

An Excel-based application for performing advanced statistical analysis of the extent of agreement among multiple raters.  You may compute Chance-corrected Agreement Coefficients (CAC) as well as Intraclass Correlation Coefficients (ICC).

Check the video below, which shows some of the key features of AgreeStat 360. For a better viewing experience, you may access this video on YouTube).

CAC statistics include Cohen's Kappa, Gwet's AC1/AC2, Krippendorff's alpha and more. ICC statistics on the hand, include various coefficients based on different ANOVA models.

You may also want to get a more comprehensive overview of AgreeStat/360 capabilities.

Download the (free) standard version of the program here.

If your Windows regional settings are not those of the US nor English Canada, temporarily adjust them (see instructions here) for AgreeStat360 to work smoothly.